iNep Modules Ales

Portfolio Management, dashboards

The iNep ® allows you to compose and report portfolio and property Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easily. All data and information from iNep ®  is automatically aggregated and consolidated into graphical dashboards that present financial performance, space, lease and occupancy analyses from any cross-portfolio selection. This allows managers and executives to access important and accurate real estate information to support their decision making processes.

Use our solution to maintain one central view of your portfolio, keeping all real estate informations in a single location.

Gain complete insight into your real estate with property portfolio. See your entire portfolio (in different countries) in one consolidated view with dynamic dashboards that lets you quickly access important values.

  • Manage your worldwide property portfolio easily and efficiently on a single platform online.
  • Consolidate data from all partners and third parties with defined schedules so data arrives on time complete and ready-to-use.
  • Access your portfolio data 24/7 on a wide range of devices.
  • Improve the management of your real estate portfolio and increase operational efficiencies by having key information available to everyone who needs it.

Powerful Detailed Analytics & Reporting – Dynamic Dasboards, Comprehensive Reports

  • View summaries from within a map and then drill into the detailed data with the standard Google Map integration.
  • Integrate with your ERP system to receive cost data that will enable you to analyze the individual cost lines for your portfolio.

Portfolio dashboards, Financial dashboards:
  • Real Estate level dashboards (Commercial data graphs (total income, avg. rent, total costs, vacancy rate, yield)
  • User level dashboards (Total value of portfolio (book value, market value, sales value))
  • Dashborads by employees type (Asset manager, Entity supervisor, Group supervisor…)
  • Analyse portfolio information at a glance including Google Maps visualisation and dashboards that present ownership, occupancy, costs and financial performances
  • Track and report budgets and actual costs by budget type over any period of time to identify trends and improvements
  • Analyse financial commitments, expenditure and income from different views.

Asset Management (AM)

Managing buildings and assets across a wide portfolio can be a time consuming and challenging task. With our facilities and asset management solution, you gain all the functionality you need to better manage your real estate and assets.

From storing and editing useful information, such as service contracts, compliance certificates and asset history, to managing in house maintenance teams and tracking maintenance costs, the functionality offers all the information you need to drive key strategic decision making and reduce the total cost of occupation.

  • Register of your assets provides complete information on asset status, history and location.
  • Accurately maintain asset counts across your entire portfolio and improve accountability by tracking asset assignments
  • Understand the true financial impacts of your asset portfolio by tracking acquisition costs, asset depreciation and lifecycle costs
  • Accurately keep track of all your assets across your entire portfolio
  • Provide easily accessible information to service technicians
  • Manage key asset and building information – from documents, maintenance history, cost, key contacts and audit history to service contracts
  • Take control of your entire asset inventory including managing location, assignments, ownership, maintenance history and condition
  • analyze data about your fixed and moveable facilities assets across your entire facilities inventory
  • Complete breakdown of your portfolios structure, from, sites, buildings, floors, zones, rooms and the assets that sit within them
  • Register and group your assets into systems and hierarchical structures
  • Track costs of entire asset life cycle, incorporating purchase, depreciation, maintenance and replacement values
  • Make cost comparisons depending on your asset classifications (e.g. by location, asset type, make etc.)

Financial data, such as:

  • Actual book value, purchase price, appraisals, commercial value, last taxation data, tax and insurance value
  • Real Estate Proforma (cash flow analysis…)
  • Pivot Tables Analysis (costs, energy classes…)


Property Management (PM), Rental Management, Tenant Management

Use our solution to maintain one central view of your portfolio across all branches and staff, keeping contacts, correspondence, tasks, tenancies and sales in a single location.

  • Track tenancy agreements
  • Manage tenants complaints (software iPodpora pro) – keep track of tenant complaints and requests in one system to ensure rapid response times and customer service
  • Maintenance of the property and facilities (software iPodpora pro)
  • Achieve and exceed sales and revenue targets
  • Better organize and manage your business
  • Track, monitor and analyze transactions and sales performance
  • Make better, more informed strategic decisions
  • Achieve better financial management
  • Effective and efficient management of all contracts
  • Adopt the best software user experience with highly visual and easy-to-interpret dashboards and views, set up for every user type including management teams, accountants and property managers.
  • Maximise your income, from vastly improved rent and service charge collections to being able to gain revenue from added value services to tenants or residents.
  • Integrated document management with automatic versioning.
  • Access every piece of data and documentation on your portfolio, anywhere, anytime by utilising the most technologically advanced, cloud-delivered, mobile enabled solutions.
  • Automate and streamline all of your leasing, property managemen and finance processes in one single system.
  • Achieve total mobility in your operations – with a range of apps for property and facilities management processes.
  • Prevent duplication and inaccuracies – sharing one set of data across your business and with partners to achieve the highest possible levels of collaboration.

Document Management

Access every piece of data and documentation on your portfolio, anywhere, anytime by utilising the most technologically advanced, cloud-delivered, mobile enabled solutions.

Take control of your property-based documentation storage with the integrated Document Manager, or effortlessly link your property documentation to company-wide third-party tools. Eradicate your paper-based processes, save space and ensure that important documents are instantly to hand. By doing this, you can:

  • Easily store and access property, lease and tenant related documents
  • Collate and organise documents into groups which can then be easily shared via email and stored
  • Create folders within the Document Manager, to aid clarity with document organisation, and even create subfolders within each folder for easier navigation
  • Store multiple files for easy access – from photographs, CAD drawings, Microsoft office files…
  • Create a shortcut to the location of the original document allowing you to reduce storage space requirements
  • Integrated document management with automatic versioning.

Sales Management, Marketing, Leasing Management, CRM

Our property marketing software provides all the support you need to advertise your portfolio to prospective tenants and vendors. Our solution is designed to provide you with enhanced marketing support through the lifecycle of your properties.

Fully manage your sales and lettings advertising boards within the system.

Manage your property listings

Managing your property listings is now a breeze. iNep ® gives you full and centralized control on all your property listings, allowing you to update and edit information anytime, anywhere. Create files for clients and properties, and match them to key parameters.

Access to a global network of property portals. 

Manage all your online advertising in real-time; whenever you make a change on a listed property, it is instantly updated on your website and external portals. Fully integrated with the sales and letting system, our smart multichannel marketing tools allow you to easy upload your properties instantly to the leading portals, as well as your own website.

Website synchronization

All new listings and transactions are updated in real time on your database as well as website to ensure that both agents and clients get the most up-to-date information.

Enhance your marketing campaigns

Integrate with our industry leading partners for additional marketing activity, like glossy brochures, e-mail marketing and mass mail outs. With iNep ®, you have the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools at your fingertips. Expand your reach by connecting and listing with iNep ®’s international network of portal partners. Utilize email and text messaging campaigns to maximize your ROI. Lower your cost per lead and add to your bottom-line effortlessly with iNep ®.


Communicate new instructions to matched applicants as soon as they are listed on the system, by text or email.

Dynamic, intuitive and real-time CRM features anytime, anywhere. Reach potential and existing clients ahead of the competition With iNep ®’s real-time CRM, your information is always up-to-date and accessible by your agents from anywhere in the world.

Reach a receptive audience with cost effective and timely Automated SMS and email messaging directly from iNep ® for:

  • CRM marketing and targeted emailing,
  • Special promotions,
  • Marketing campaigns,
  • Internal notice and communications,
  • Communicate new instructions to matched applicants as soon as they are listed on the system, by text or email.

Monitor and analyze your team’s activities and performance

Use iNep ® to increase sales by analyzing and tracking individual and team performance with automated reports and dashboards. Manage commissions, security, service levels and more with a full range of easy-to-use tools.

Auto reminders and notifications

Never miss another important event or notice again. The effects of missing contractual dates and important notices can be costly and painful. iNep ® enables you to manage critical reminders and notifications and to attach documents and templates. Automatic alerts are sent to respective parties with appropriate lead-time to ensure timely action.

Instantly build sales reports to track and analyse individual or team performances and KPIs.

Client to property auto-matching

Save time and deliver value to your clients by quickly matching them to their ideal property according to key parameters.

Customized letter generation

Add a personal touch to client letters by customizing all correspondences to your clients

Marketing Strategy

 SWOT analysis…

Investment Management

Real Estate Proforma

Web-based financial, portfolio, performance, and revenue analytics help identify investor exposure to invested and committed assets according to attributes. Company Investment Management has access to actual budget and forecast data for continual variance analysis and asset or portfolio-level sensitivity.

  • Forecast the financial impacts (NOI – Net Operating Income, IRR – Internal Rate of Return, MIRR, Cape rate, Cash on cash return…).
  • Improved Decision Making.
  • Track and report budgets and actual costs by budget type over any period of time to identify trends and improvements.
  • Analyse financial commitments, expenditure and income from different views. Even forecast the impact on your cash flow and the real estates’ financial performance.

Easily handle the complexities of global valuations and understand how small changes to operations can improve cash flows and increase asset values, so that you can make real-time decisions to boost performance.

Move & Space Management

  • Take control of your entire physical space inventory including managing occupancy, allocations and chargebacks.
  • Reduce costs by better utilizing your space, optimizing occupant densities and eliminating or reducing vacancies.
  • Increase accuracy, visibility and availability of space data by providing selective secure access to data.
  • Manage and classify space data by type, use, allocation and more in a completely secure and highly flexible web-based environment.
  • Quickly run reports from information tracked in the system including available space and occupancy.

Whether you’re moving just one person, co-locating a cross-functional group or reorganizing an entire location, you can rely on the Move Management module to reduce move costs and deliver better service to your entire organization.

  • Reduce your overall move costs by avoiding unnecessary moves and costly reconfiguration projects.
  • Improve the productivity of your entire move planning team by giving them easy-to-use Web-based tools to manage individual and project moves.
  • Provide better service to your organization by using tools to minimize move delays and improve communications with stakeholders.

Project Management – iDesk web module

View and reschedule project activities with click & drag in the Gantt diagram and calendar.

The project module is designed for organizations that need a light-weight solution for their project managers, but find that high end systems is overkill. It is suitable as a tool to manage minor renovation projects, construction projects of moderate complexity or refurbishment projects.


  • Improve the productivity of your entire project planning team by giving them easy-to-use Web-based tools to help them better project tasks.
  • Improve communication with all project team members by sharing and collaborating on critical project details including budgets, tasks, documentation and more.
  • Powerful yet simple project management tool tailor-made for the facility professional.
  • Create a central workspace accessible from anywhere, so your whole team can communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

Key Features

  • Assign resources and calculate project costs.
  • Create budgets and follow up on them in an easy to use interface.
  • View projects as Gantt and calendar.
  • Reschedule project activities with click & drag in the Gantt diagram.
  • Create dependencies between project activities with click & drag.

BI – Business Intelligence (module)

Maximise returns from your investments with comprehensive business intelligence tools

For property investors and owners, having a clear overview and understanding of your portfolio is key to achieving your core business objectives.

With software from Imagine BI, you have access to a wide range of business intelligence tools that have been specifically designed to help you proactively manage your property portfolio and analyse key business information.

The dashboards and gadgets available in our solutions provide you with easy to digest, graphical representations of your chosen business intelligence; enhancing your decision-making capabilities and helping you to maximise revenue, grow yields and strengthen returns.

Facility Management (FM) – CAFM – module iPodpora pro

Help Desk, Service Desk, Maintenance Request

Computer Aided Facilities Management Software: SupportDesk CAFM

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software enables facility managers to plan, execute, and monitor all activities involved in space and workplace management, asset management, reactive and planned preventative maintenance, operational facility services and any other customer service request.

Efficiently managing service requests is vital to keeping your organisation’s infrastructure running smoothly and your users satisfied. Your teams can now enjoy a robust, cloud-based facility management tool that’s simple to deploy and easy to use. Schedule, dispatch, manage and report service requests efficiently using selfservice capabilities to reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

iPodpora pro software is used to organize and prioritize tickets. Application allows you to prioritize tickets by urgency, organize them into categories and filter them in other easy, convenient ways.

A powerful ticket management tool with advanced automation features.

Improve Customer Support

Reduce Your Workload

Save Time and Money

All-In-One Solution



  • Easily manage incidents to quickly resolve customer issues.
  • The Service desk helps lower operating costs by enforcing process control and keeping information current and accessible.
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels by empowering requestors and communicating with them at every step of the way with iPodpora pro Service Desk.


Organize. Prioritize. Track.

Use iPodpora pro to receive, organize, track and resolve customer support issues. Setup unlimited categories, sort tickets by urgency and examine their status. Always know what needs to be resolved next.

Better manage your workforce with intelligent tools for contractors, sub-contractors and your employees.

Respond to Requests

iPodpora pro allow you to assign priorities to service requests and schedule them in the way that makes the most sense for your organization. When work requests are sent via the Internet, requesters can check on the status of their work request at their convenience.

  • A simple calendar display makes it easy to keep track of work orders, planned maintenance, assets, and much more.
  • Streamline your work orders

Everyone in your organization can log into the  work order management system and create a request in minutes! Easily respond, assign, and resolve issues while keeping track of time and money spent.

  • Simplified work orders

Easily create, assign, and manage unlimited work orders from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. See who’s working on what, and get notifications when the work is complete.

  • Drag and drop calendar

View, assign, and balance technicians’ assignments and priorities with the drag and drop calendar. The calendar gives you a full overview of what maintenance is done by who, when, and what its status is.

  • Automated scheduled maintenance

Create preventive and scheduled maintenance work orders and automatically generate those work orders based on date, time, event, alarms, or meter readings.

  • Create, accept and interact with service requests and work orders on a mobile device.
Centralized support system.

Handle customer inquiries obtained through a web form, email message or telephone call in a single, centralized support solution.

Issue is resolved

Customers are notified over email when staff responds to their ticket and the issue is resolved. But HESK doesn’t stop here. It tracks overall help desk and staff performance, allows you to generate statistics, convert useful solutions to public knowledgebase articles and much more.


View detailed reports with analytics that are clear and useful, and customize reports to pinpoint data.

E-mail integration

IPodpora pro (iNep ®) Service Desk comes with full e-mail integration that includes attachment support and enables easy interaction with end customers. Provides functionality that automatically converts incoming emails to service requests. Incoming requests are then displayed on a web interface that allows all supervisors and technicians to have a single view of the requests.


You can define your own templates for e-mail and SMS notifications to keep requesters and service workers informed when something changes. The templates are easily created with our integrated text editor which allows you to format the content to suit your preferences. We have prepared a large collection of data variables that can be inserted into the templates. These variables are placeholders for data objects and are dynamically replaced with real data when the content for the notifications are being created.

Service Legal Agreements (SLAs)

Provides a seamless link to SLAs in order to enforce standards and increase efficiency. Automatic escalation and notification if the condition set in the SLA’s are not met.

SLA MANAGEMENT: STANDARDIZE AND FORMALIZE THE NATURE, SCOPE AND QUALITY OF SERVICE PROVISION It is impossible to deliver services efficiently without a clear strategy and unequivocal agreements – with both the client and the supplier – about the nature, scope, quality, communication, duration and delivery times, costs and budgets. With the Planon Integrated Service Management solution, you can standardize and record the clientoriented range of services in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). At the same time, you can use your outsourcing strategy to translate the delivery of these services into contracts with one or more external suppliers.

  • Categorize, describe, and make your client-oriented service provision transparent and accessible on the basis of clear product and service catalogues.
  • Standardize processes based on unambiguous process steps, workflows, communication, duties and responsibilities.
  • Record agreements, agreed tariffs, and durations in client-specific SLAs.
  • Contract external suppliers, document all relevant conditions and agreements, and generate the associated work orders from this automatically.
  • Create transparency in budgets, actual costs, invoicing to suppliers, and, if necessary, cross-charge supplied products and services to your internal client.
Monitoring and quality control

The way in which services are provided determines the satisfaction of the client to a considerable degree. Having access to the right information concerning the execution, delivery, quality and costs of your services is essential here. But the quality perceptions of your clients and the performance of your suppliers are also important. The iPodpora pro Integrated Services Management solution uses predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to give you integrated insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of the execution.

  • Monitor the internal and external execution of service provision continuously, and use automatic alarms to warn of any overruns on durations, budgets, or quality criteria.
  • Analyze the nature, necessity, cause, history and costs of requests, reports, complaints or faults.
  • Perform regular customer satisfaction surveys to evaluate the quality perception of your services and then improve it.
  • Regularly inspect the quality of your services in practice, using objective measuring criteria.
Sales orders

Collect data about time and materials usage per service request. This data can be forwarded to accounting for invoicing. Other possible usage scenarios includes creation of internal chargeback reports or any other reporting needs within your organization.

Manage workflow

Intelligently route customer requests to the appropriate resource. The Service Desk can automatically resolve which facility a request comes from and forward requests directly to your designated service team members. Keep track of tenant complaints and requests in one system to ensure rapid response times an customer service.

Keep your maintenance staff connected

With flexible email and text notifications, your maintenance team will know immediately when a request is submitted or updated, and people will know when their requests have been responded to or resolved.

Work Order Software

Powerful work orders designed with simplicity

Our work order software is designed to help manage the resource required to complete all planned and reactive maintenance requests on time and on budget.

We’ve gone the extra mile to bring you the most effective work order system yet, designed with simplicity in mind. Provide technicians with detailed work instructions created from standard job lists. Attach videos, pictures, manuals or files to work orders. Track technician time, parts, and supplies consumed. Add completion notes and even print to paper. Automate email notifications to technicians. Make and reuse task lists and procedures. Include multiple assets on the same work order for safety inspections or maintenance rounds. Close work orders with autofill completion and multi-task selection to bulk close tasks. Use advanced options to add multiple assets to work orders, clone tasks, and quickly build inspection rounds.

  • Schedule and allocate all planned and reactive maintenance work in accordance with your specific shift patterns and engineer workload,
  • View jobs and engineers via map view to help optimise the allocation of work,
  • Plan jobs in an easy-to-follow calendar format to optimise workloads across your workforce,
  • Gain complete oversight of your planned and reactive work schedule with the job planning chart,
  • Assign jobs to your staff (either individuals or groups of people) or contractors based upon location, skills and availability,
  • Manage work orders on the go via the supervisor web portal,
  • Send details of jobs and allow engineers to record that they have been completed by a variety of methods (i.e. mobile devices, web portal, email, paper),
  • Use the contractor web portal to improve communication with your suppliers. Give them to see their job allocations and update their progress, attached completed work order cards and invoices
  • Record breakdown of costs for each job and track against budgets
  • Manage all aspects of your arrangements with your suppliers and contractors including insurance and SLAs
  • Automatic alerts to notify supervisors of any work that is nearing the SLA due date and time
  • See a complete history of every work order including, photographs, notes, readings, completed risk assessments, parts used and time taken.