With the iNep ® Real Estate Management solution

you’re in control of your most expensive asset: Real Estate.

The iNep ® Real Estate Management solution registers all basic, financial, functional and technical real estate data and documentation within a single integrated database.

By collecting your real estate data in a structured and centralized database you eliminate existing spreadsheets and local administrations.

The solution supports all real estate processes for owners, tenants, users and commercial service providers to maximise the financial, technical and functional performance of real estate, and ensure full compliance and alignment with the organization’s strategy.

Existing sources of data like GIS systems or ERP solutions can easily be connected to exchange static and dynamic data with this solution. With iNep ® real estate software, you can manage your real estate business online, in real time, accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world. Our software is completely web-based, which means that no additional software has to be installed, and you can access iNep ® from any PC, tablet and smart phone..

iNep ® is designed to expand your real estate business and take it to the next level. iNep ® lets you manage a multinational real estate portfolio, administer hundreds of staff and connect with global business partners anywhere, anytime. These user-friendly tools can help you save time, increase productivity, reduce occupancy costs and increase employee satisfaction all from a desktop or mobile device.

Complete Portfolio Transparency, Centralised Data – All Data In One Place

See your entire portfolio in one consolidated view with dashboards that let you quickly assess values, then drill down into individual property performance.

Powerful Detailed Analytics & Reporting – Dynamic Dasboards, Comprehensive Reports

Simplify reporting with dozens of standard reports to keep management, investors and lenders up to date on performance

A web-based solution that consolidates all of your real estate data from internal systems, third-parties and market sources leaving users with more time to analyze property and portfolio performance and make real-time decisions with confidence.

  • Role-based user access, views, permissions
  • Smart, Intelligent...
  • Standardised Values, Multiple Currencies, Multi Language, multi measurement