Imagine d.o.o.

Imagine is the leading Software as a Service provider for the real estate industry.

Imagine Services

  • Implementation and data services
  • Training and technical support
  • Hosting in the cloud or in-house
  • System integrations


  • We tailor a training plan to meet your unique business needs. We’ll help you identify the features that matter most for you to get up and running quickly. By focusing on what matters most to your business, we ensure that you are getting value from the software from the outset.
  • Imagine can provide training locally in your organization, or training can be performed in our premises. Courses can range from training on basic functionalities to specifically tailored courses for advanced database and system configurations.


For customers who want help with the implementation beyond training, Imagine offers comprehensive services including:

  • Assessment of data requirements and maintenance/facility processes
  • Collaboration in designing a realistic implementation plan
  • Remote or on-site software installation (on-premise version)
  • Hands-on assistance through our support software iPodpora
  • Hands-on assistance through Teamviewer

We believe that technology is only part of the job. It is primarily the upgraded business processes that contribute to improvements, while our tools can help to support and steer these processes in the right direction. We will work with stakeholders in your organization to create a plan that includes goals and recommendations for a successful implementation.


    Different data sources, for example, different property management and accounting systems, provide data in different formats. Once you provide us with all of your property, unit, lease, owner, resident, and vendor data, Imagine will quickly transfer, harmonize and then consolidate these data. During operation, the data are automatically imported. In this way, information is made available for analysis and reporting in a fast and reliable manner.

    Easily import your existing assets and maintenance data from CSV or Excel to seamlessly migrate from other maintenance and asset management software systems.


Integrating Imagine with other corporate systems, such as an existing ERP, accounting or CRM system, is often critical for a successful implementation. Data and business rules often exist on 3rd party systems, and for accuracy and consistency, data and business rules need to be accessible from Imagine or mirrored to the Imagine application.


Imagine SaaS is our hosted software-as-a-service solution – providing safe, secure, and convenient hosting for your software.

  • We handle the IT burden, so you can focus on maintenance operations
  • Easy web-based access from any computer, tablet and smart phone
  • Automatic software upgrades and support


When the system becomes operational we will provide you with support and follow-ups. This includes training of new employees, securing data, system monitoring along with the maintenance of the application. This is a part of our support agreement, so you can rest assured that you will get qualified technical assistance when you need it.

We offer assistance through our support software - iPodpora.