We are an experienced, educated team, which is always motivated and flexible in meeting our clients’ needs. 

Imagine is the leading Software as a Service provider for the real estate industry.

Imagine Services

  • Software development
  • Implementation and data services
  • Training and technical support
  • Hosting in the cloud
  • System integrations

Meet our team

We believe that technology is only part of the job. It is primarily the upgraded business processes that contribute to improvements, while our tools can help to support and steer these processes in the right direction. We will work with stakeholders in your organization to create a plan that includes goals and recommendations for a successful implementation.

The company has software experts who develop and sell business software and give advice on business digitalization.

Users satisfaction with our support system


When the system becomes operational we will provide you with support and follow-ups. This includes training of new employees, securing data, system monitoring along with the maintenance of the application. This is a part of our support agreement, so you can rest assured that you will get qualified technical assistance when you need it.

We offer assistance through our support software iPodpora.