iFacility is a web application that enables a unified centralized record of requests. It supports the process of submitting, resolving and monitoring requests. At the same time, it enables planning, monitoring and analysis of tasks.

Unique support system automates and streamlines the necessary tasks to the greatest extent, thus simplifying work, saving time and money.

All activities are transparent, and it enables the traceability of events and always provides insight into the status of open tasks and requests.

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Keep your organization’s infrastructure running smoothly and your users satisfied with a robust, cloud-based facility management tool that is simple to deploy and easy to use.

iFacility includes two modules. The basic Service Desk module is intended for submitting, resolving and monitoring requests; the additional module Facility Management is intended for maintenance, planning, monitoring of realization and analysis of tasks. Together, the two modules enable comprehensive monitoring of planned and intervention tasks.

iFacility connects individuals who submit requests via web application and individuals who resolve and redistribute requests among other employees and external contractors. Product users – customers, suppliers, employees, tenants – have insight into the status and history of all submitted, opened and resolved requests. All obtained data on resolving the request (execution time, transition between statuses) can be used for the evaluation of contractors/ suppliers, which is carried out according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The solution is intended for various activities and is flexible according to the needs of the company. It is specially adapted for the maintenance of business and private buildings and facilities, but can be simply applied to the planning and monitoring of production or to planning of work processes if any field of industry.


  • Standardized processes based on unambiguous process steps, workflows, communication, duties, and responsibilities.
  • Efficient management workforce with intelligent tools for your employees, contractors, and end-users.
  • Simple calendar display for easy tracking of work orders, planned maintenance, execution offers and incurred costs.
  • Create, accept, and interact with service requests and work orders on a mobile device.
  • Preventive maintenance.

Analytics & Reporting

  • See a complete history of every work order including, photographs, notes, readings, completed risk assessments, parts used, and time spent.
  • Analyze the nature, necessity, cause, history and costs of requests, reports, complaints, or faults.
  • Detailed KPI reports and analytics of ordered and executed maintenance incidents.
  • Maintenance costs analyses on individual property and portfolio bases.

Product’s main advantages

  • information-supported unified centralized record of requests,
  • 24/7 availability and accessibility from any device with online access,
  • managing the entire procedure – from submission to completion of the requests; transparency,
  • dynamic KPI graphical views and analysis,
  • rationalization of request resolution – classification of requests according to certain priorities and types of requests,
  • reduction of operating costs, response times, sorting time, monitoring …,
  • easy distribution of requests between those who are resolving them (employees, outsourcers…),
  • communication regarding individual requests can be internal (external stakeholders do not see it) and public (among all stakeholders – suppliers, tenants, maintainers…),
  • dynamic input window for submitting requests – known data is automatically filled in for the sender of the request,
  • following SLA (Service Level Agreement) rules,
  • implementation of preparation, sending and resolving requests in all work environments (at the company’s headquarters, in branches, at suppliers or contractors, in the field) by using the application on all types of devices that have a web browser and enabled Internet connection,
  • submission of requests to other customer administrators – due to accurate records and orderly and recorded communication between customers and users, the request (resolving complaints, submitting an order…) can be easily transferred between users (e.g. customer administrators) in the company,

KPI, graphical views, dynamic dashboards

Graphical views by key indicators (KPIs) are available, and they are accessible, as well as the requests, via web browser on all devices with web access.


Preset control parameters allow the setting of various reminders. In case of violation of certain rules (e.g. in case of untimely resolved request according to the contractual provisions), the system automatically notifies the responsible persons by e-mail and/ or text message.

Email parser

Module for automatic e-mail capture; a supplier to whom certain tasks (requests) from the iFacility product have been assigned can receive a notification of a request (work order) both in the iFacility system and via e-mail or text. 

User rights, audit trail

The product enables the definition of rights in depth – different rights for supporters and maintainers, replacement of a supporter or determination of several supporters to resolve a request, internal communication between responsible supporters at the level of an individual request, management of audit trail of all communications between supporters, management of audit trail between supporters and customers/ employees/ partners, etc.

Data synchronization, integration with other products

Users of the iNep software solution are enabled to automate data synchronization (partners, real estate, assets). Immediate entries of requests for all synchronized properties and partners are enabled without additional entries. A link to the Imagine’s product iSelect is also available.

Area of operation

A system for submitting and resolving requests can be used:

  • internally within one company, in coordination with external contractors,
  • between different related companies (group of companies), in coordination with external contractors or
  • between the company and its customers and/ or partners (e.g. product users, tenants of premises or real estate, suppliers, service providers, property owners …).

Areas of product implementation

  • A company that manages multi-apartment/ commercial buildings, where operational managers (or supporters) assign requests received from property owners and/ or supervisory boards to employees and external (contractual) suppliers. There is transparent communication between the representatives of the owners (supervisory boards) and the managers.
  • A company that uniformly monitors a large number of location-separated real estate in which employees perform their work obligations, receiving requests from employees separately for premises, real estate, buildings, etc.
  • Company that sells/ leases real estate and has to monitor and manage complaints and other requests of buyers/ tenants for a certain period of time.
  • Real estate companies; The system incorporates employees in the company (users of the premises), tenants, maintenance staff, as well as external employees of the company (maintenance staff or suppliers in charge of various repairs, etc.).
  • A company that offers various services to its customers, e.g. software, hardware, where customers/ buyers report errors, submit various requests, complaints, etc.
  • A company that offers various services and wants to communicate with its employees and/ or with customers, suppliers…