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Smart City is not an existing product which we take from a shelf and plugin and play. Smart City is a complex set of different tools, different technologies, and different databases. It is built gradually by assembling and integrating building blocks of data and technology, but above all the Smart City is a process that is constantly growing and developing.

To put it simply a Smart City is a technological platform or several parallel platforms, which import data from different sources and collect them in a central data lake. The data are collected and converted in a unified form which enables simple exploitation of this data for specific applications and other smart technologies for end-user such as citizens, city administration and companies.

The more data there is in a data lake from different government or private sources the smarter and more connected a city can get. It is of key importance that data are as open and freely available as possible to enable private and public initiatives and innovations in data exploitation and integration of those data in smart solutions.

Smart City platform can be used in different fields of public and private life such as transport, public infrastructure, smart buildings, energy management, smart grids, water management, education, sport, tourism, security etc. Besides smart app solutions and better informatization of citizens, this enables also various scenarios how to bring Smart City closer to the citizens by connecting digital to the physical environment. To name a few examples how and where the citizens can obtain and see data on traffic or pollution, what kind of smart vending devices will be available, how the multimodal traffic will function, what kind of tools the urbanist will use to manage a city development etc. Connecting digital into the physical environment is limited only by the imagination of the community.

We at Imagine don’t lack imagination that is why we have designed smart real estate portfolio management solutions which can be simply integrated with a Smart City platform. More on our Smart City integration you can find here.

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