Transparent and Smart Real Estate Management for central and local governments

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Central and local governments are owners of a massive amount of buildings and land plots. All these assets have and require massive amounts of data and documentation, which are usually difficult to manage. Besides, that governments need to manage lots of acts and documents related to spatial planning and management of the business and public infrastructure. This requires a lot of organizing, aligning, and monitoring by a government and its employees. On the other side this brings a challenge as well as a big opportunity for processes optimization, unification of data and integration of various digital tools (software) in a user-friendly smart city platform.

“All of data and tools need to be interconnected. We need to build on what we have and offer better services, so we can provide better support to those, who work on these issues [government employees] and our end users, the citizens.” Boris Koprivnikar, Smart City expert, Sicular

At the webinar organized by company Imagine (real estate solutions), we have joined the knowledge of colleagues from Flycom (GIS, geo-data), T2 (smart city platform) and Sincular (smarty cities). And what is most important we exchanged views and expectations with representatives of Slovenia’s largest local government, Municipality of Ljubljana. Ljubljana as a Green Capital of Europe in 2016 has engaged intensively in implementation of a smart city platform and related digitization processes.

„Because of a complex structure [of a city government], it is important to have an information system, a platform that would enable us systematic management. It is crucial that we would have all data on one platform and access to all databases from one place. All these inquiries are now done “manually” and by visiting different departments.” Simona Remih, Head of Real Estate, Municipality Ljubljana

Most important with building and land plot management is to have a transparent preview of data on one location and access to all information from a unified platform. That is why we at Imagine and Flycom have decided to integrate buildings on one and land plots on the other side as well as all relevant documentation into a unified platform. This way we are enabling the efficiency of municipality employees, speeding up processes and optimizing costs and time to finish tasks. Moreover, this platform will enable management of all other municipality assets and infrastructure (roads, public transport, graveyards, cultural heritage, buses and bus stations, jumbo boards, stands, etc.). The upgrade of GIS platform enables solutions connected to IoT technology such as smart infrastructure, road and public transport monitoring, energy accounting, etc. T2 as a telecommunications operator with its smart city platform provides for all necessary infrastructure for collecting and distribution of data and enables access to information for municipality employees as well as for citizens.

“The key step is the transition from current management process to a digitized process. It is important, not to disturb asset managers at their current tasks and at the same time implement new processes in parallel. That is why we at Imagine follow the 8 key parameters of a quality software…” Klemen Fajmut, Expansion and Development Manager, Imagine

All participants of the panel are aware and agree that to achieve this goal, satisfied and well-informed municipalities and citizens, cooperation among different providers of solutions is paramount. Only this way we can provide for a smooth transition to digital processes and enable a comprehensive approach to satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders.

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