Oracle Marketplace – Presentation of Imagine WEB products

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At Imagine we are always striving to engage with most advanced technologies and provide our customers with innovative and convenient solutions. Our newest software solutions are therefore web-based solutions. The technology behind it and easy accessibility through internet make it most simple to use. Web products allow for flexibility of use and flexibility of functionalities. Our solutions are also easily customizable to your needs. Web-based products give you the flexibility of work from anywhere, anytime and any device which is becoming more and more important in the New Reality we are facing.

Imagine is a cloud-based company. To modernize our products and offer them to clients in a more efficient and faster way, we have decided to move our services and our whole business to the Oracle cloud. We offer our web products as a cloud SaaS solution (Software as a Service). We have also licensed and certified employees (OCI – Oracle Cloud Service) where we set up and manage the cloud infrastructure (IaaS) on our own. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we are also a part of Oracle business ecosystem.

Moving to cloud was hard in the beginning because our clients had second thoughts about their information storage. They are used to having data stored on their own computers or servers. But after experiencing the efficiency and safety of operations, clients themselves started inquiring about other services that they would now like to use in the Cloud.

Our web solutions have recently been presented at the Oracle Live Application Marketplace virtual event was held on October 15th 2020. The event featured a presentation of 7 partner solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Namely, Oracle has a unique partner ecosystem where they support and invest in partner development and expansion for joint success. With Imagine web products (iNep – Asset/Property Management, iFacility – Facility Management) we are present in SEE countries, whereas Oracle is promoting our activities in the whole EMEA region.

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