Corporate Real Estate Management – Digital solution concept

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Company Imagine is mid-sized software development company that has been on the market with Real Estate Software Solutions for 20 years. We cover 80% of the residential real estate market with our Facility management solutions (majority of FM companies use our FM and accounting software).

With our newest web-based Real Estate Management solutions, which are one of the best in Europe, we have acquired the majority of large corporates going digital in Slovenia as customers. With all these solutions we now facilitate all aspects of real estate management (AM, PM and FM):

  1. Real Estate Asset/Property Management – iNep.
  2. Real Estate Facility Management – iFacility.

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) is getting more and more important function in large companies owning larger portfolios of real estate. Each new crisis shows how important is quality and safe workspace, not just for health reasons but also for achieving higher productivity. CREM key challenges are

  • Limited resources and limited know-how,
  • Managing a high-cost base and space usage inefficiencies in economic uncertainty,
  • Setting up the right environment for workforce recruitment and retention
  • How to build partnership with HR, IT and other functions to support business?
  • Setting up the right environment for workforce recruitment and retention
  • Managing a high-cost base and space usage inefficiencies in economic uncertainty
  • Inappropriate tools/software to efficiently organize data and plan for activities.


So being aware of CREM importance for core businesses of large corporates we have developed simple, easy accessible asset management solutions to help them achieve higher quality and profitability of the core business.

iNep is a web-based solution running on Oracle Cloud and is intended for comprehensive real estate portfolio management. All key commercial, technical and legal documentation enhanced in one simple solution. This software tools can be applied in different industries: financial institutions, real estate funds, large corporates, government, etc.). Now you can have your real estate portfolio information and documentation in one location accessible from anywhere and any device for comprehensive asset management and executive reporting. Quick implementation time, focused KPI preview and customizable set up according to your management processes for:

  • Corporate real estate
  • Investment real estate
  • Third-person portfolios management or
  • Collateral real estate management

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