Digitalization of the management of non-profit leases 

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Public inter-municipal housing fund Maribor

In 2021, the Public inter-municipal housing fund Maribor (JMSS) started implementing and using an advanced digital solution for managing the fund. The solution developed by company Imagine is aimed at simplifying real estate management and most of all, automating and simplifying the management of non-profit leases.

Marko Lacković
Project manager at JMSS Maribor

My goal is to provide the fund's employees with the most automated work processes possible, simplified daily work that will help users and not be a burden. With the Imagine programs and their professional team, we connected three key systems for the operation of JMSS MB, such as the accounting program, the document system, and the Imagine solution, in which we manage all legal, maintenance, investment, and rental transactions, including rent calculations, person verifications and tender processing for the assigning of profit or non-profit apartments. There is no duplication of data entries with such a solution, it is possible to obtain automated data from external sources (GURS, Land register, and other contractual partners) and consequently, we save time, which will mainly be reflected in the quality of services, which will bring added value to JMSS MB and our tenants. Due to the specificity of housing fund operations, a lot of additional development was necessary, which we are solving very successfully with the team of experts at Imagine.

Irena Španinger
Managing Director JMSS Maribor

By introducing a comprehensive renovation of the information system for the real estate management-owned or managed by JMSS Maribor, we will provide a uniform and transparent way to analyze the state of real estate in one place. We will ensure a more transparent, rational, and, above all, more professional operation of all competent services within JMSS Maribor. The solution itself will enable the management to have an easier analytical review and better strategic, investment, and other decisions. We want to enable the employees of JMSS Maribor to do less administrative work, and as a result provide more time to achieve quality service to our tenants with the goal of new investments, which will add value not only for JMSS Maribor but also for the city itself, as well as for our surrounding municipalities. At company Imagine, with an expert and professional approach, our wishes were realized into a useful solution, which we will expand and upgrade accordingly in the future.

Housing funds in Slovenia represent one of the few systemic solutions in the region for promoting the rental market and above all providing rental apartments for socially endangered families. Due to funding restrictions, the funds’ growth significantly lagged behind the needs of the market, but in recent years, new funding opportunities have opened up for them, so they started investing intensively in the construction of new apartments throughout Slovenia, mostly in the cities of Ljubljana, Koper, and Maribor. The Housing Fund of Slovenia will, among other things, complete a large neighborhood with approximately 400 rental apartments in the western part of Pod Pekrska gorca in 2022, and the construction of a similarly large neighborhood in the eastern part of Novo Pobrežje with 430 apartments is also planned.

Matej Leskovar
Managing Director at Imagine d.o.o.

We have identified different specific needs from administrations and housing funds in our projects of smart real estate management and close cooperation with various municipalities. That's why we decided to adapt and upgrade our solutions with the necessary tools that will automate processes and increase the efficiency of data management.

Company Imagine, which otherwise provides various solutions for real estate management, in cooperation with JMSS Maribor and other funds, created a special solution for managing profit and non-profit leases. The solution called iSklad will help funds simplify, speed up and automate the process of managing tenants and lease agreements. Connections with external sources are also being established, with the help of which the funds will be able to automatically collect data on the assets of candidates for non-profit rents, and the system will be able to analyze the eligibility and order of candidates by itself. This will significantly increase transparency, reduce time-consuming manual work with data, and save a lot of time for employees, so they can devote themselves to more meaningful work and improving customer service.

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