Portfolio Management

Portfolio reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) preview.

All data and information are automatically aggregated and consolidated into graphical dashboards. This allows managers and executives to access important and real-time real estate information to support their decision-making processes.



  • Manage your local or worldwide property portfolio easily and efficiently from a single online platform.
  • Access your portfolio data 24/7 on a wide range of devices.
  • Consolidate data from all partners and third parties through multi-country and multi-currency platform.
  • Improve transparency and management of your real estate portfolio and increase operational efficiency.

Analytics & Reporting:

  • Dynamic portfolio dashboards.
  • Comprehensive multi-level reporting and data exporting tools.
  • View your portfolio geographical distribution through Google Map integration.
  • ERP integrated system with detailed financial data dashboards and analytics.

Asset Management

Manage your most valuable assets through a comprehensive asset management platform.

Financial and analytical tools enable you to analyze your asset performance and strategy tools to plan your asset acquisition, development, maintenance or divestment.


  • Manage key asset performance and building information from a single platform.
  • Understand the true financial impacts of your asset portfolio by tracking acquisition costs, asset performance and lifecycle costs.
  • Design individual asset strategy and performance plans in line with your portfolio strategies.
  • Improve accountability by tracking strategic guidelines and assigned activities.

Analytics & Reporting:

  • Portfolio and individual assets financial performance reporting and dashboard previews.
  • Dynamic dashboard graphs and charts for comparison of portfolio assets performances.
  • Forecast of property performance (NOI – Net Operating Income, IRR – Internal Rate of Return, MIRR, Cape rate, Cash on cash return, etc.).
  • Tracking of KPIs for entire asset life cycle, incorporating purchase, depreciation, maintenance and replacement values.

Property Management

Manage your assets’ income generation and transaction procedures using tenant management, contract management, CRM and marketing tools.

Informative dashboards and tenant relations analytics provide transparent, organized and productive property management.


  • Extensive sales and leasing CRM functions on individual property and portfolio level.
  • Powerful tenant and contract management tools with automated reminders and notification system.
  • Automated web advertising and SMS and email messaging and campaigns.
  • Property maintenance, operational cost monitoring and invoicing tools.

Analytics & Reporting:

  • Intuitive tenant management dashboards and analytical tools.
  • Customized property performance graphs and charts.
  • Monitor and analyze your team’s activities and performance.
  • Instant sales and leasing reports to track and analyze individual or team performances and KPIs.

Document Management

Take control of your property-based document storage with the integrated Document Manager, or effortlessly link your property documents to company-wide third-party tools.

Access any data and document of your portfolio, anywhere, anytime by using the most technologically advanced, cloud-delivered, mobile-enabled solutions.


  • Easily store and access property, lease and tenant related documents.
  • Arrange and organize documents into groups which can then be easily shared via email and stored.
  • Create folders within the Document Manager, to achieve clarity with document organization, and even create subfolders within each folder for easier navigation.
  • Store multiple files for easy access – photographs, CAD drawings, Microsoft Office files.
  • Shortcuts to the location of the original document for reducing storage space requirements.
  • Create documents and communication templates.

Space Management

The module is intended for graphical monitoring of data at any level of the structure of individual properties. The level of the property is connected to the floor plan, and elements from the structure are placed with a simple drag-and-drop method.
The module enables to graphically store basic data, occupancy of premises, lease agreements, leases in expiry. It is connected to the web application iFacility and provides a graphical display of open claims for maintenance activities related to the Real Estate subunit.

Facility Management

Enables a unified centralized record of requests. It supports the process of submitting, resolving and monitoring requests. At the same time, it enables planning, monitoring and analysis of executed tasksKeep your organization’s infrastructure running smoothly and your users satisfied with a robust, cloud-based facility management tool that is simple to deploy and easy to use.

Facility management for centralized record of requests

Enables a unified centralized record of requests. It supports the process of submitting, resolving and monitoring requests. At the same time, it enables planning, monitoring and analysis of tasks. A unique support system automates and streamlines the necessary tasks to the greatest extent, thus simplifying work, saving time and money.

Sales and project management to manage sales, projects and CRM

Monitor the entire process, from the first contact with the potential customer to the final project implementation and after-sales activities. The easy-to-use product includes dynamic dashboards, Pipeline control, graphic KPIs, Milestone management, Gantt-charts, Controlling, Document system and other useful features.