ESG is getting the new pillar the R (Resilience)

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In the last year there has practically been no event where ESG would not be mentioned or discussed and the same goes for the Balkans Property Forum 2022 which took place in Belgrade on 17th of November.

ESG is an overarching theme that encompasses the long-term goals and commitment of companies in Real Estate and broader, to provide for a sustainable, future-proof, and socially responsible built environment. Why is ESG so widely used? We believe it is because it covers a wide enough spectrum of socially or politically agreed norms to direct our development towards a sustainable future. Furthermore, it is because the last two crises forced a critical mass of entities and opinion makers to accept ESG not only as a company’s but also as a personal mission and readiness to give their short-term contribution for common long-term goals.

However, also ESG is evolving. One of the things we addressed at the ESG panel of Balkans Property Forum is that ESG has recently been supplemented with R (ESG+R). The R stands for Resiliency towards external or internal changes in environment, society, or the use of the building. Why does ESG need the fourth pillar?

Sustainability is not only about how you design, build, and operate the building but also about its adaptability, flexibility, and resilience in the future. With ESG+R goals in place, owners and operators are under immense pressure to demonstrate how they are tracking and improving against these objectives. And what does technology have to do with ESG+R? Modern buildings are becoming so complex that we need technology to collect, analyze and report data on their operations and performance.

WiredScore/SmartScore certification is there to help you design and operate your office buildings with the most resiliency. It provides for:

  • The resilience of the building
  • The resilience of the technology within a building
  • How technology can support the building in being resilient

Certifying your building gives you the edge against competition and benchmarking your building against others. It enables and empowers tenants to choose buildings that provide the best digital infrastructure for flexible and hybrid work.

And iNep by Imagine is there to help you manage your real estate data transparently and efficiently. iNep has recently become an Accredited Solution by WiredScore so you as an iNep client can be assured that you are implementing and using technologies and solutions that are in line with modern-day smart building standards, and are benchmarked against SmartScore certification, the global standard for smart buildings.

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