Growing together with our clients – Veraltis Asset Management

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At Imagine we pride ourselves in striving for achieving highest customer satisfaction standards. We are always deeply interested in our clients’ field of work, their challenges, and problems. Working hand in hand with them we always seek to find the proper solutions to provide for the right benefits and value add.

We design our solutions in a way to allow our clients to customize our Software according to their needs. Additionally, we provide co-development services where we customize or further develop functionalities which are specific and important for an individual client. This all gives us the agility to work with clients who have different sizes of real estate portfolios or different management processes. We grow together with our clients and add functionalities as they grow or develop new products or services. Combined with our scalable subscription business model clients can efficiently plan and adjust their Software investment according to their size and needs.

In September we successfully onboarded Veraltis which is a servicing subsidiary of the B2Holding, one of the leading Debt Purchaser and REO (repossessed real estate) managers in Europe. Regardless of their large real estate portfolio and their geographical diversification we have managed to deliver seamless implementation for iNep software where the onboarding process took only about a month time. This would be impossible without a dedicated team and a highly professional approach from the client side.

Veraltis Asset Management is a specialized European Asset Manager with unique expertise in Corporate and Secured Assets as well as a pole of excellence in unsecured debt. It provides end-to-end credit servicing for the whole lifecycle of distressed assets, from sourcing till monetization. Veraltis is a newly established servicing subsidiary of a leading Debt Purchaser. It encompasses ardent professionals with strong investor care who are proud to convert distressed situations to value opportunities for investors and lenders. Veraltis Asset Management is active across Europe with a presence in France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Veraltis is part of B2Holding.

Of course, with initial onboarding, the implementation process is not over. In the coming months, we will be working on various integrations and on further improving the functionalities of our iNep Software based on the Veraltis needs. Digitization is not an event but rather an evolving process of transformation to achieve better business agility and performance.

Having said all that, we cordially welcome Veraltis team as our client and partner. We are looking forward to growing and developing together our services and products and to help Veraltis become even more competitive in their line of business.


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