iNep® Solution augments SmartScore certification credits

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iNep (by Imagine) is an Accredited Solution by WiredScore. Accreditation status gives our clients confidence that they are implementing and using technologies and solutions that are in line with modern-day smart building standards, and are benchmarked against SmartScore certification, the global standard for smart buildings.

SmartScore Areas of Excellence

iNep solutions augment our clients with 30% of available credit points when assessing User Functionalities with SmartScore certification. Meaning if you implement and integrate iNep solution in your smart building ecosystem you automatically get 30% of available credits.

iNep areas of excellence

Energy reporting Specialist

iNep delivers a comprehensive data platform for any building operator to visualize building data in the form of dashboards. An example is energy and water consumption. The solution also provides different features to optimize work order management and keep track of maintenance costs. Tenants can raise requests and give feedback via the ticketing system.

Building cleaning Specialist

The solution also provides different features to optimize the work order management and keep track of maintenance costs. Tenants can raise requests and give feedback via the ticketing system.

Work order management Specialist

WiredScore confirms iNep’s ability to deliver across the SmartScore framework and in particular across the Sustainability section as well as the Maintenance and Operation section.

SmartScore certification is a global smart building standard that helps you design and operate your office buildings with the most resiliency.

It provides for:
• The resilience of the building
• The resilience of the technology within a building
• How technology can support the building in being resilient

Certifying your building gives you the edge against competition and benchmarking your building against others. It enables and empowers tenants to choose buildings that provide the best digital infrastructure for flexible and hybrid work.
Imagine employs Accredited Professional who can assess your building against the standard and help you acquire your WiredScore and/or SmartScore certificates. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us and get ahead of your competition.

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