Areas of iFacility implementation

The solution is intended for various activities and is flexible according to the needs of the company.

A company that manages multi-apartment / commercial buildings

where operational managers (or supporters) assign requests received from property owners and/ or supervisory boards to employees and external (contractual) suppliers. There is transparent communication between the representatives of the owners (supervisory boards) and the managers.

A company that uniformly monitors a large number of location-separated real estate

in which employees perform their work obligations, receiving requests from employees separately for premises, real estate, buildings, etc.

Company that sells / leases real estate

and has to monitor and manage complaints and other requests of buyers/ tenants for a certain period of time.

Real estate companies

The system incorporates employees in the company (users of the premises), tenants, maintenance staff, as well as external employees of the company (maintenance staff or suppliers in charge of various repairs, etc.).

A company that offers various services to its customers

e.g. software, hardware, where customers/ buyers report errors, submit various requests, complaints, etc.

A company that offers various services

and wants to communicate with its employees and/ or with customers, suppliers…
iFacility is specially adapted for the maintenance of business and private buildings and facilities but can be simply applied to the planning and monitoring of production or to planning of work processes in any field of industry.