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Portfolio Management Software

SMART CITIES WITH AN EXPERT MR. BORIS KOPRIVNIKAR AT RE:CONNECT THE WORLD’S LARGEST REAL ESTATE WEB CONFERENCE Cities manage a substantial volume of real estate assets and are also responsible for 30-40% of business activity. That makes city governments one

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Why it is smart to lease and not buy Software?

Businesses of all sizes are facing an inevitable digitization trend. If they want to stay competitive, they need to focus on process optimization through the implementation of different software solutions. This can sometimes be quite a challenge from an investment

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Smart City Platform

Smart City is not an existing product which we take from a shelf and plugin and play. Smart City is a complex set of different tools, different technologies, and different databases. It is built gradually by assembling and integrating building

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PropTech’s Role in Sustainability

Only for a quick refreshment. Sustainability consists of three pillars: economic, social, and environmental perspective or if you wish profit, people, and planet. So, to address it fully one needs to consider all three perspectives and integrate them in a

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Corporate Real Estate Management – Digital solution concept

Company Imagine is mid-sized software development company that has been on the market with Real Estate Software Solutions for 20 years. We cover 80% of the residential real estate market with our Facility management solutions (majority of FM companies use our FM and accounting

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New reality, new challenges, and experience of big players

Panel discussion In the past year, we have faced numerous changes, which influenced peoples’ everyday life as well as the performance of many companies. There were many challenges, new opportunities and at the same time many obstacles which represent the

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Oracle Marketplace – Presentation of Imagine WEB products

At Imagine we are always striving to engage with most advanced technologies and provide our customers with innovative and convenient solutions. Our newest software solutions are therefore web-based solutions. The technology behind it and easy accessibility through internet make it

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