Slovenian proptech Imagine expands to CEE markets

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Hybrid work has accelerated the demand for efficient management of corporate real estate and corporate workplaces to drive real estate rationalization, achieve balanced space utilization and deliver post-pandemic employee experience. The most relevant role in this process will be played by digital solutions that focus on improving the user experience, sustainability, and connectivity in assets. Companies will be looking for an Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) to deliver the highest value add to their employees, tenants and real estate portfolios as such.

The majority of companies have already rethought their strategies in respect of the size, flexibility, and type of premises they will target. Lots of new space strategies and portfolio reconfigurations have been put in place in 2021 which will need to be implemented in 2022.

Imagine is the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider for the real estate industry in South-East Europe with 20 years of experience in developing real estate management solutions and other business software.  For the last 6 years, Imagine has been present primarily in the SEE region with their web solution running on Oracle cloud working with large corporates, real estate funds and local governments. In 2021, they started expanding their presence also in the CEE region with their first clients in Czechia and several prospective clients also in Slovakia and Poland. The real estate markets in the CEE region are very dynamic with a substantial amount of domestic and foreign capital driving liquidity, growth, and development of the real estate industry. Consequently, these markets are also very open to new technologies.

Imagine PropTech solutions support companies in managing their real estate portfolios conveniently and transparently. Their IWMS solution covers a broad spectrum of functionalities: asset and property management, facility management, project management and energy management/accounting.

iNep supports all real estate operations and workflows in one simple solution, which provides portfolio transparency and efficient management. All data and information are automatically aggregated and consolidated into graphical dashboards. This allows managers and executives to access important and real-time real estate information to support their decision-making processes. Financial and analytical tools enable you to analyse your asset performance whereas strategy tools enable you to plan your asset acquisition, development, maintenance, or divestment.

Property managers are supported through tenant and contract management modules as well as extensive reporting templates (tenancy schedule, rent-roll, budget-vs-realization, arrears, etc.). Automated process management tools and reminders help you manage tasks efficiently and on time (extension of contract, renewal of guarantees, arrears resolving etc.). The space management module is there for property managers to understand their tenant structure, employee density or maintenance workload using 2D floor plans or 3D previews.

The iFacility solution is a maintenance management, preventive maintenance planning and communication platform. This web application enables a unified centralized record of requests. It supports the process of submitting, resolving, and monitoring requests. At the same time, it enables planning, monitoring and analysis of executed tasks. It keeps your organization’s infrastructure running smoothly and your users satisfied with a robust, cloud-based facility management tool that is simple to deploy and easy to use.

New projects pipeline, development projects or refurbishments can be tracked through iDesk a CRM and project management tool. Whereas energy management, energy accounting and ESG management tools are enabled through the iCounters application. All these solutions can be further integrated (through APIs) to other internal or external data sources such as ERP, IoT, GIS, land registry, DMS or BMS to enhance the full range of real estate data on one platform.

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