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Our solution supports all real estate processes for owners, tenants, end-users and commercial service providers to maximize the financial, technical and functional performance of real estate, and ensure full compliance and alignment with the organization’s strategy.

iNep ® Real Estate Management web-based solution gives you control over your most expensive asset: Real Estate.

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Real Estate

Simplicity for us is a paramount

  • Smart information
  • Smart decision
  • Creative and innovative employees
  • Efficient processes

Our software is comprehensive and easy to use solution. iNep ® is web-based and accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone through internet connection.

Transparent Portfolio, Centralized Data, Access to All Data and Documents from One Location

See your entire portfolio in one consolidated view with dashboards that let you quickly assess values, then drill down into individual property performance. User-friendly tools help you save time, increase productivity, reduce occupancy costs and increase employee satisfaction all from a desktop or a mobile device.

iNep ® is designed to expand your real estate business.

Our hosting and service delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security. This is supported by a world-class network, data and physical security environment. We continuously evaluate and reinforce our security policy and practices.



iFacility web application

unified centralized record of requests


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Clients Testimonials

PhD Artur Olaj, Procurement and Real Estate Director, Post of Slovenia

Implementation of iNep solution enabled us to finally centralise our real estate data, which has long been our goal. With each new day using this solution we can not imagine how we managed before, since the amount of data grows day by day. On the other hand Imagine constantly provides new features and upgrades to support our processes.

Jovica Jakovac, General Manager – Real Estate, NLB Group

Partnership with Imagine has been one of my best user experience journeys. Software implementation can be quite challenging, that is why quality support is very important. With intensive and timely support of development team and a high-performance real estate management solution iNep® and its unique business intelligence and reporting modules, you get the right information at the right time to create the best value for your portfolio.

MSc Tadej Povhe, General Department Manager at Vzajemna, d.v.z

The increasing amount of data related to the company’s real estate and property management has forced us to reorganize our way of collecting and handling data in order to keep it up-to-date and authentic. iNep has proven to be an efficient software solution that was, with the help of the provider, successfully implemented in the business, providing an integrated view of the up-to-date data. The built-in software features in iNep have encouraged us to monitor and use additional indicators that allow us to increase profitability and business efficiency. 

Additional software

that meets your needs

Facility Management

Maintenance Management

Project Management

Project Management – module iDesk

The project module is designed for organizations that need a light-weight solution for their project managers.

It is suitable as a tool to manage minor renovation projects, construction projects of moderate complexity or refurbishment projects.

Facility Management – module iFacility

Use iFacility to receive, organize, track and resolve customer support issues.

Better manage your workforce with intelligent tools for contractors, sub-contractors and your employees.
View detailed reports, KPIs and graphical dashboards.