Web-based software for comprehensive real estate asset management 

All relevant commercial, technical, financial and legal data and documentation enhanced in one simple solution.

Accessible any time, from anywhere and any device. On one platform you can operate global portfolios with multi-currency and multi-language features:

  • real estate management solution
  • central records for monitoring, planning and resolving tickets
  • management of the built-in counters records
  • demand, sales and project management
  • controlling and document system
facility management
asset & property management 
sales & project management
metering & energy management

We value employees’ creativity and innovation potential thus creating the highest value for your company. Simplicity for us is paramount.



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We empower you to establish transparent data preview and control to conveniently manage your assets from one place

Easy-to-use solutions with user-friendly interface and management tools. Including predefined dashboards, interactive graphs, and one-click executive reports.

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Our hosting and service delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security. This is supported by a world-class network, data and physical security environment. We continuously evaluate and reinforce our security policy and practice.

  • Mateja Kovačić, Property Accountant
    We are very satisfied with the performance and ease of use of the iNep program and high performance of the development team of Imagine d.o.o. Despite our specific requirements for tracking and calculating rents, which made the program's introduction quite challenging, they successfully solved every one of our requests, and we thank them for their patience and commitment. We are looking forward to future cooperation!
    Mateja Kovačić, Property Accountant
  • iFacility has significantly eased our work and enabled substantial time savings in many aspects. Its usage is quite straightforward. Maintaining business premises is now easier and much more transparent. The analyses and statistics provided are also very useful, and we make good use of them. This gives us a good overview of requests, and at the same time, we can prepare analyses of our work and monitor various KPIs. We have also expanded the use of iFacility to our vehicle fleet. Finally, the quick support from our 'Imagine caretaker' and other colleagues is very welcome.
    Tadeja Dvanajščak, General Service Specialist
    GENERALI zavarovalnica d.d.
  • Marketa Hodanova
    I am excited to have iNep software. It is easy to understand and to use. I really like how simply I can import or insert data, the dashboards are very useful, as well as exports and reports. The solution enables me to quickly preview key KPIs I need to follow. All functionalities of the system save my time significantly and support me to work more efficiently.
    Marketa Hodanova
    Hodans Property Management - Czech Republic
  • Partnership with Imagine has been one of my best user experience journeys. Software implementation can be quite challenging, that is why quality support is very important. With intensive and timely support of the development team and a high-performance real estate management solution iNep and its unique business intelligence and reporting modules, you get the right information at the right time to create the best value for your portfolio.
    Jovica Jakovac, General Manager
    NLB Group
  • Rok Smrke, CEO
    iFacility improve us the centralized management of facility management and maintenance tasks, provide greater control, faster task allocation and efficient tracking. The system promotes transparency, which gains customer trust. The positive response from our clients confirms that it is the most user-friendly system. We have such an experience ourselves.

    Rok Smrke, CEO
    PINACEA d.o.o.
  • Matjaž Merkan, Chief Operating Officer

    Collaborating with the company Imagine enables us to comprehensively manage customer activities and conduct effective digital sustainable business. Using the Imagine iDesk module, whether in the office or in the field, we can work with real-time data at any moment, efficiently lead company activities, collaborate with our business partners, and in this way, inspire and exceed customer expectations.

    Matjaž Merkan, Chief Operating Officer
    Lumar IG d.o.o.
  • Ivan Bezić, International Manager REO’s Portfolio Steering and Management
    iNep is a highly intuitive software with a user-friendly interface, enabling easy navigation and quick learning. Its financial tracking functionality provides detailed insights into property income, expenses, and returns. The software's reporting capabilities facilitate portfolio performance analysis and informed decision-making for future investments. Beyond financial tracking, it offers tools for effective rental management, including tenant tracking and contract management. The software's reminders and calendar features help manage important dates, ensuring efficient property management. With secure data storage and automatic document generation, iNep is a reliable and time-saving solution. Regular updates introduce new features, and responsive customer support addresses any issues promptly. Overall, iNep is an indispensable tool for streamlined property portfolio management.
    Ivan Bezić, International Manager REO’s Portfolio Steering and Management
  • Ease to understand and work in, it saves time in planning maintenance of building after filling in the plan. Customer support and improvement of every our demand! 

    Marija Cvetković, Facility Manager / Procurement Manager
    ASURA Group
  • Alenka Cvetkovič, Head of Finance & Administration
    In our company, we have been satisfied users of your software for several years. Your programs are reliable, efficient, and easy to use. We are happy to recommend them to other companies looking for quality solutions for their business.
    Alenka Cvetkovič, Head of Finance & Administration